This spring, we held an open forum on Zoom for community members to help inform our climate planning & strategies.

April 13

(Skip 24:00–1:17:00)

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Penn State Law students facilitated several small group conversations, based around these questions:

What do you see as existing or potential climate impacts in the Centre County region?
What opportunities do you see in addressing or adapting to these impacts?
What actions would you like see in this region, and what actions do you want to see your local governmental officials take?
What three messages do you want your facilitators to report back to the broader group involved in this forum?

During the forum, participants shared their perspectives on the issues or challenges they saw affecting this region. They also shared their vision for potential action they wanted to see local governments take.

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Community members

Residents & people who work here

Local government

Elected officials


Penn State & SCASD

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